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Entry-Level Unattached Footers

Surefeet: Our Smallest Brass Footers

Our 1-1/2" inch budget footer is a great way for first-timers to experiment with component mounting. Surefeet are well-sized for smaller electronics (especially CD players, external DACs, and power supplies) and book shelf speakers. Used unattached, a set of three Surefeet will add startling treble sparkle and dynamic punch to any system. Inexpensive and weighty, our entry-level Surefoot out-performs exotic cones costing as much as $350! Only offered with flat top and short bottom point for uncarpeted surfaces. Availible in polished brass, black, and silver finishes.

Heavyfeet: Short Point Shape Optimized For Hard Surfaces

For a modest increase in cost, the Heavyfoot—2-1/2 times heavier than the Surefoot—will give you significantly better sonic bang for your buck. They yield much deeper bass and warmer midrange. As the Absolute Sound's Fred Kaplan puts it, the difference is not subtle. Where the Heavyfoot doesn't fit because it is too high (2"), use the Low Heavyfoot with 1-1/2" height and the same 2" diameter. Use it only if necessary; there is a 15% reduction in performance. Only for uncarpeted surfaces. For even better sound, see our Micropoint and Triplepoint footers.

Radiused Heavyfeet: Avoid Marring Without Protective Discs

If you can't stand leaving dings on your valuable furniture and wood floors, we offer the rounded bottom option for our Radiused Heavyfeet. Though it preserves single point contact, rounding doesn't sound quite as good as sharp points, costing you 5% to 10% of the footers sonic upgrade—but this option sounds way better than the widely used flat brass (or lead) discs that degrade the footers effect by at least 50%.

Our Low Radiused Heavyfeet are for where the 2" tall Heavyfeet won't fit. Use it only if necessary; there is a 15% reduction in performance. Only for uncarpeted surfaces.

Heavyfeet For Carpet

Since nothing sounds good floating on carpet, it is essential for the tip of the footer to contact the solid floor beneath. For high pile carpets with padding (more than 1/2" deep), you need the thick carpet version to penetrate to the floor. For relatively thin commercial wall-to-wall carpet (less than 1/2"), the thin carpet version with its somewhat shorter point will sound slightly better.

If there is any doubt, use the thick carpet version. For the footer to sever its purpose, the point of the brass footer penetrate all the way through the carpet to make firm contact with floor underneath.

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for hard surfaces only

Low Heavyfeet

for hard surfaces only


for hard surfaces only

Low Radiused Heavyfeet

for hard surfaces only

Radiused Heavyfeet

for hard surfaces only

Heavyfeet For Thin Carpet

for pile/pad thickness up to 1/2"

Heavyfeet For Thick Carpet

for pile/pad thickness over 1/2"