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SAMSON Equipment Racks

Vibration Control For Music & Home Cinema Systems ​

We've helped countless customers upgrade their audio and home theater systems using our Vibration Control System. Lots of customers install our air-dried Maple Platforms to isolate their gear from the distorting resonances of flimsy MDF-and-hollow-tubing equipment racks. But you'll get even better sound AND improved picture quality with a massively solid, ultra-rigid rack designed from the ground up for resonance-free, maple-based vibration control. That's how we designed the SAMSON.

Beautiful—And Superb Sounding

Introduced in 2002, SAMSON vibration control racks were designed to set a new standard for improving the sound and picture quality of music and home cinema systems. Despite the natural beauty of our handcrafted Ambrosian Maple shelves, the SAMSON is far more than just a good looking A/V stand. Fully height adjustable, each 2" or 4" air-dried maple shelf is rigidly locked between custom-machined, solid brass nuts that are threaded onto massive, 1 1/4" solid steel uprights, then anchored to the floor via our threaded-on brass footers. This creates the most direct, rigid and resonance free vibration-draining path of any equipment rack available today. In head-to-head tests, our SAMSON Vibration Control System rack sounds better than the most exotic welded tubing, damped layer composite, or inlaid hardwood equipment stands, even those costing $6000 and up.

Adaptable To Almost Any Space And System

Not only are SAMSONs fine eye and ear candy, their height-adjustable shelves also easily accommodate component changes. We offer four different stock heights to allow spacing generous enough to add a new shelf later or to install brass footers or Vibration Control Systems under each critical component, now or later. Brass footers double the sonic upgrade you'll hear with just the SAMSON rack alone; adding complete Vibration Control Systems goes even further.

The double-width versions of the SAMSON, combined with the half-width shelves we offer, allow for a remarkable range of customized configurations to fit almost any unusual space or system; see a gallery of our customers innovative shelf arrangements here. We also offer custom heights and custom-sized shelves. Call 1-888-236-2753 for advice on these types of made-to-order options.

Finish Options to Suit Any Decor

Our SAMSON shelves are air-dried maple and our hardware is machined from an optimum-sounding brass alloy, simply because our tests show any other materials would degrade sound. However, we offer a variety of handsome maple and brass finishes to suit a wide range of decors.

Our stock SAMSON shelves are hand finished with a clear satin lacquer that beautifully enhances the striking natural grain character of our air-dried maple. We also offer three made-to-order toned lacquer finishes: Natural Cherry, Deep Rosewood, and Black Satin.

Our stock hardware is handsomely hand polished brass. However, we offer the options of Semi-Gloss Black, Metallic Silver and other custom powder coat hardware finishes.

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23½" wide, 15" deep (V.1)

19" width between uprights

26" wide, 19" deep (V.2)

21" width between uprights

27½" wide, 21" deep (V.4)

23" width between uprights

45" wide, 18" deep (V.5)

40" width between front uprights

52" wide, 21" deep (V.3)

23" width between uprights

SAMSON Turntable Stands

multiple sizes offered