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Mapleshade Speaker Stands

guarenteed to improve the sound of your speakers

Unleash The Full Potential Of Your Speakers

Our solid, air-dried maple bases are a fundamental part of our Vibration Control System For Speakers that has transformed the sound of thousands of audiophile systems over the years.

Mounting your speakers on good stands will dramatically improve their sound. Our air-dried maple stands offer much warmer, clearer, punchier and more detailed sound than granite, slate, glass (the worst), myrtle or exotic hardwoods, or any of the hi-tech damped composites. Adding brass footers to drain vibration out of your speakers into the maple stand doubles the good effect.

Vibration Control For Small Speakers

For monitors, bookshelf, and other smallish speakers, we offer several exceptional-sounding stand options. Choose below for more information on our Time-Correcting Bedrock, Maple Gibraltar, and Rooted Buttress stands.

Vibration Control For Floor Standing Speakers

To hear the full potential of any floor standing speaker, we recommend using either our Maple Plinths. On concrete, granite, tile, or modern engineered/plywood floors (which have a devastating effect on speaker sound), we believe Maple Plinths are essential to hear the full potential of any great-sounding floorstanding speakers.

Upgrade Stands For Strada 2 Speakers

Mapleshade has custom-designed upgrade stands to further enhance one of our all-time favorite speakers - the Anthony Gallo Strada.

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Time-Correcting Maple Bedrocks

VCS for smaller speakers

Time-Correcting Maple Gibraltar

VCS for smaller speakers

Maple Speaker Plinths

VCS for floor standing speakers

Maple Subwoofer Plinths

VCS for subwoofers

Rooted Butress Stands

Conventional height VCS for smaller speakers

Gallo Upgrade Stands

VCS for world-class Gallo speakers