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Clearview Speaker Wires

Well-Designed Speaker Wire Improves The Sound Of Any Speaker

If you've tried changing wires but never hurt much difference, there's good reason. Virtually all speaker cables—audiophile or "off the spool"—incorporate the same design mistakes: overly thick, multi-stranded wire conductors insulated with excessively thick plastic. There are as many variations of this mistaken recipe as there are brands. But when you compare them, you just hear different flavors of flawed sound. Excessively fat wires muddy the bass, roll off the treble, and bury the midrange detail of any speaker. Stranded conductors always degrade stereo imaging and transparency. Thicker insulation makes speakers sound sluggish and smeared.

Mapleshade speaker wires look and sound so radically different because they implement the results of our exhaustive independent music listening tests, not compromised by preconceptions. We use optimally thin, ultra high-purity, single strand copper drawn, silver-plated and heat-treated to our specs—then hyper-twisted for unmatched field cancellation. Our proprietary polymer insulation is ultra-thin (less than .0002'') and uniquely low-loss. The result is a range of reasonably priced speaker cables with radically better clarity, detail, and dynamics than any conventional or high end cable.

Clearview Golden Helix 2

Since their introduction in 2000, our entry-level Golden Helix speaker cables have been widely acclaimed as one of the best bargains in audio. Hook-up a pair; the upgrade will sound like you spent an extra $500 to $1000 more on your speakers. All bass instruments—acoustic, electric, or synthesized—will immediately have more punch and cleaner harmonics. Your woofers wont boom like that annoying purple Honda CRX that we always seem to get stuck next to at stoplights. Singers will sound like they've stepped two feet closer. When you listen to your favorite CDs, you'll hear details you've never heard before. Check out Dark Side of the Moon, the opening heartbeat'll sound supernatural.

Clearview Double Helix 2

Discerning listeners who've heard the difference know our top-of-the-line Clearview Double Helix Speaker Cable (starting at $375/pair) outperform famous brand flagship cables costing $7,000 and upwards. The sonic benefits of our unconventional, purist design are easy to hear.

All this is due to the Double Helix's uniquely sophisticated topology—the only cable design that incorporates well separated, single strand + and - signal conductors, individually shielded by a single, helically-wrapped, common ground wire. The newly-upgraded Double Helix 2 version features improved copper purity, better-sounding insulation and a 25% tighter twist for yet more complete field cancellation. The extra clarity and dynamics of the V.2 further increases the Double Helix's already-demonstrated superiority over the famous megabuck "garden hoses".

Clearview Golden Parallel

Specifically configured to be our best-sounding wire for runs longer than 16', Golden Parallel uses the same silver-plated, high-purity copper conductor as our Golden Helix. The only difference is the + and conductors run parallel and spaced apart, not tightly twisted together. Using Golden Parallels for rear channel speakers will unfold the soundstage behind you, the quietest cinematic details will gain crystal clarity, and music will gain presence and punch. We encourage you to compare them head-to-head against Anti-Cables, Monster, Audioquest, Kimber, Nordost, Harmonic Technology, etc. You'll hear an immediate improvement in realism, dynamics, and detail.

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Golden Helix 2 Speaker Wires

Lengths up to 16 ft.

Double Helix 2 Speaker Wires

Lengths up to 16 ft.

Golden Parallel Speaker Wires

For long runs & rear surrounds

Copper Ribbon Bi-Wire Jumpers

Upgraded treble clarity & imaging