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Turntable Upgrades

In 1983, even before starting Mapleshade Studio, Pierre Sprey jumped into his first high-end design project: upgrading the legendary Maplenoll Turntable for air-bearing pioneer Bob Dilger. With his love of collecting LPs and transforming turntables undiminished, Pierre came full circle by launching our turntable upgrades in 2007-- each the direct byproduct of his never-ending R&D to improve the sound of playback.

Anti-Static Brush

Feather soft stainless steel bristles drain static into the wallplate ground

Integrated Record Coupling System

Microdot platter mat plus toroidal weight stops sound-degrading LP vibrations

Interlocking Record Shelves

Elegantly crafted modular furniture for all vinyl sizes

Maple Turntable Platforms

Massive air-dried maple on Isoblock suspension delivers unsurpassed TT vibration control

Nanomount Systems

Miniaturized vibration control systems for cartridges and tone arms

SAMSON Turntable Stands

All-solid construction with massive air-dried maple shelves rigidly locked to steel uprights

Tonearm Resonance Control Kit

Brass head shell and arm weight enhance bass and treble resolution