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Turntable Upgrades

In 1983, Mapleshade's founder Pierre Sprey jumped into his first high-end design project: upgrading the legendary Maplenoll Turntable for air-bearing pioneer Bob Dilger. With his love of collecting LPs and transforming turntables undiminished, Pierre came full circle by launching Mapleshade's turntable upgrades in 2007-- each the direct byproduct of his never-ending R&D to improve the sound of vinyl playback.

Anti-Static Brush

feather soft stainless steel bristles drain static into the wallplate ground

Brass Footers

an immediate upgrade in sound clarity

Interlocking Record Shelves

elegantly crafted modular furniture for all vinyl sizes

Maple Turntable Platforms

Massive air-dried maple on Isoblock suspension delivers unsurpassed TT vibration control

Nanomount Systems

Miniaturized vibration control systems for cartridges and tone arms

SAMSON Turntable Stands

All-solid construction with massive air-dried maple shelves rigidly locked to steel uprights