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Time-Correcting Maple Bedrocks

Hear Room-Filling, Amazingly Lifelike Sound From Small Speakers

Only low-to-the-floor mounting can make bookshelf/monitor speakers sound so huge, warm and transparent. Conventional tweeter-at-ear-level stands actually make monitors sound thin and small—the taller the stand, the more this worsens. Bedrocks' on-the-floor adjustable tiltback positioning, combined with solid air-dried maple base and heavy vibration-draining brass footers, yield amazing transients and details. Percussion and piano attacks gain startling potency. Above all, bass power and articulation improve dramatically—enough to consider crossing subwoofers off your wish list. The soundstage image floats well above the floor and can be precisely adjusted for seamless on-screen integration in home cinema systems.

Try A Simple Experiment

To hear for yourself the benefits of the Bedrock low mounting approach, try a simple experiment: listen to one of your favorite tracks with your speakers sitting on the floor in front of their current stands, tilted back with a small wood or metal block under the front in order to aim the tweeter slightly above your ear. If your floor is carpeted, lay down a heavy plank or cutting board first. Next, put the speakers back on their stands and listen to the same track again. You'll find the extra bottom end convincing even though this rough and ready test only lets you hear about half of the bass improvement you'll get from Bedrocks and none of the extra treble and midrange clarity.

The Bedrock Ultra Series

Just like for floor standing speakers, doubling the thickness of the air-dried maple base unleashes even better deep bass extension with greatly improved midrange and bass detail. Bedrocks make monitor speakers sound excitingly better than any conventional tall stand, particularly those with hollow metal uprights. To eliminate the severely sound degrading effects of concrete, carpet-covered concrete, tile or engineered wood floors, the extra mass of the 4" Bedrock is a must-have.

Our perfectionist Ultra Series are our best-sounding Bedrocks featuring 4" thick maple bases and massive 3" MegaMount time-correcting adjustable footers.

In addition to our stock Bedrock Ultra, we offer several made-to-order base designs tailored to match different speaker shapes and room decors. Every pair is made-to-order using carefully matched, handsomely variegated 4" Ambrosia maple, hand-selected by Crist or Uri.

We offer clear satin lacquer and three toned lacquer finishes: Natural Cherry, Deep Rosewood, and Black Satin.

Our standard hardware is meticulously machined and hand polished brass. We also offer custom powder coated finishes in Semi-Gloss Black, Metallic Silver and other colors.

3 Ways To Time-Correct Small Speakers

For any Bedrock stand, there are three ways to mount your speakers:

STANDARD REAR SUPPORTS - We custom-mount our uniquely shaped, point-contact brass rear support posts to match your speaker dimensions.

RADIUSED REAR SUPPORTS - These provide gently rounded contact surface in order not to ding the rear edge of the speaker. Like our standard point-contact rear supports, our radiused mounting hardware is precision machined from solid brass.

THREADED-IN TIME CORRECTING FOOTERS - This is the best-sounding option but requires:

a) speaker bottoms that already have threaded footer inserts to allow two Threaded Low Heavyfeet to be screwed in at the rear of each speaker or

b) drilling pilot holes for screwing in the Low Heavyfeet with wood screws or

c) supergluing the Low Heavyfeet in place. Tiltback angle is adjusted with an unattached 3" MegaMount time-correcting footer at the front.

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2" Maple Bedrocks

Our least expensive Bedrock

4" Maple Bedrocks

Our entry level 4" base option

Bedrock Ultras

Best-sounding stock option

Center Channel Bedrock

Ideal placement solution, major sonic upgrade