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Born from Pierre Sprey's research to improve the sound quality of his studio recordings and playback, all Mapleshade upgrades have been painstakingly refined by thousands of hours of ear testing using Pierre's own purist recordings of live music. We take pride in offering quality handmade products guaranteed to improve the sound of any A/V system.


It is rare that I write a thank you to a business, but the honesty of you and your group in conjunction with the impact of your products is truly amazing...My wife and I thank you for transforming an already excellent stereo system to a whole new listening experience.

Steve F.

I am writing to tell you how pleased we are with the Interlocking Record Shelf System we purchased from you recently. I put it together myself, and it is absolutely beautifully made. We bought four of the unfinished oak, and the pieces are perfectly cut, perfectly fitted, and sanded so nicely you couldn't find a splinter on any edge. Please pass along our praise and thanks to the Amish craftspeople who we understand made this product. It is truly a work of art.

Mary L.

It's the stuff of cults and legends...a setting where musicians are inspired to reach beyond themselves; a radically purist recording technique that results in albums with sound to die for.

CD Review

I have your upgraded speaker cables and ribbon interconnects in my system. They replaced much more expensive cables/inters and I've never looked back. A real upgrade for a 10th of the cost. You guys do amazing things and I appreciate it and recommend you to anyone that's interested. My boss just recently upgraded his system and bought platforms, cables, interconnects from you. He's pleased. So am I.

Bill G.

I've been using the Mapleshade Vibration Control System under two components: my Accuphase DP 90 transport, and my Berning Siegfried 300B amp. Let me be very clear. In 12 years of audiophilia, I have never heard a more impressive upgrade...The Mapleshade system retired the Vibraplane that had graced my system for 5 years—easily. It took just 10 minutes of listening--the easiest A/B comparison I've ever done.

David Z.

Free Upgrade Advice

50+ low cost ways to seriously improve the sound of any stereo or listening room, developed and confirmed by decades of meticulous, empirical listening tests.

Why Ambrosia Maple?

Our painstaking R&D listening tests proved that maple sounds warmer, clearer, punchier and more detailed than any of the commonly used platform and stand materials.

Handcrafted Production

All of our air-dried maple products and modular furniture are locally manufactured by an Amish family in southern Maryland.

Vibration Control Systems

We have two Vibration Control Systems, one for speakers and one for components. Both systems use three elements. Used together as we recommend, these systems yield startling improvements in bass, midrange and treble.


To fully appreciate the natural beauty of our solid wood furniture and painstaking production of our air-dried maple upgrade products, browse our galleries of finish options and user system photos.

Owner's Manuals

If you are curious how to use a specific products, or how to assemble our SAMSONs and modular shelves, our manuals include detailed explanations of each product with easy-to-follow instructions for use and recommendations for optimal performance.