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Ambrosia Maple

platforms & component stands

Biwire Jumpers

high purity copper ribbons

Brass Footers

for electronics & speakers

Brass Weights

for electronics & speakers


optical audio cables


isolation footers for platforms

Maple Bedrock

speaker stands

Maple Gibraltar

speaker stands

Mapleshade Recordings

recorded live to two-track analog


disc polishing kit

Modular Furniture

for music, books & equipment storage


for cartridges & tone arms

Omega Mikro

audio cables & power cords

Rooted Buttress

speaker stands


a/v equipment racks


contact enhancer

Speaker Plinths

for floorstanding speakers

Speaker Wires

Double Helix, Golden Helix & Golden Parallel

Static Draining Brush

for vinyl & optical media

Tube Crowns & Haloes

three sizes available

Vivilink 3

HDMI cables

Wire Management Tools

Floor & Wall Trestles