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Live At The Bad Habits Cafe

Stereophile applauds, "...a recording to die for...R&B and early rock, but with a totally modern sensibility...one hell of a performance." These guys take a gritty approach to that magic moment when the blues turned into rock 'n' roll. Whop Frazier sings Motown-steeped, bluesy vocals on classics from Wilson Pickett, Buddy Guy, Jimmy Reed. A vividly raw blues/rock quartet led by wailing electric guitar and raunchy tenor sax raise hell behind him. Includes hits "Woke Up This Morning," "Sweet Home Chicago," "Mustang Sally" and "Why I Sing The Blues."

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"I have a very good Pioneer Elite 65 inch TV and blu-ray player, and I'm on DirecTV...my picture was great but thought I'd try your HDMI cables, they said I could send them back if I didnt see improvement. Wow! Lots of improvement, the colors and clarity are stunning! I've already had people say what kind of TV is that? What a great picture! The helicopter scenes in Hawaii Five-O are outrageous and the blu-ray picture can't be beat!!"- Steve H.

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