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Speaker Upgrades

Our upgrades for speakers are often the easiest and most cost-effective way to get better-sound quality without without replacing any equipment. If your speakers are hooked up using conventional heavy-gauge stranded speaker cables, our Golden Helix and Double Helix wires offer a startling improvement in clarity. Mounting floor-standing speakers using our brass footers with significantly reduce boominess and improve bass extension.

Biwire Ribbon Jumpers

replace the factory brass plates for a startling treble upgrade

Brass Footers

immediate improve clarity & dynamics of floorstanding speakers

Double Helix

our best solid-core copper speaker wire, for runs up to 16 ft.

Golden Helix

our entry-level solid-core copper speaker wire for runs up to 16 ft.

Golden Parallel Wires

solid-core copper speaker wire configured for runs longer than 16 ft.

Maple Bedrocks

time-correcting stands for floor-mounting monitor-size speakers

Maple Gibraltar

our best time-correcting stands for monitor-size speakers

Rooted Butress

conventional height stands made from solid, air-dried maple

Speaker Plinths

2" and 4" thick stands for floor-standing speakers