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Micropoints & Triplepoints

Our Best-Sounding Brass Footers

Our best-sounding brass footers all have a three-point top, Mapleshade's unique advance over the greatest weakness of conventional cone footers: the flat top. That three-point contact eliminates the unavoidable micro-rattles between a flat-topped footer and the imperfectly flat bottom of the component it's supporting. Adding the three points on top yields surprising more punch and detail everywhere—from the deep thunder of the tympani to the silvery treble overtones of the triangles

Micropoint Heavyfeet and Micropoint Megafeet

For our brass footers, bigger is better—even under light components. More mass means audibly lower resonances. For gear with flat metal or plastic bottoms, Micropoint Heavyfeet are our best sounding 2" diameter footers while our no-holds-barred best are the 3" Micropoint Megafeet.

The Micropoint design grew out of our discovery that the lower the points, the smaller the tip resonances and thus the sweeter the treble. So, to take advantage of components with hard and flat bottom surfaces, Pierre designed the Micropoint height to be 1/64”, about 1/15th the height of our original Triplepoint (which was designed with points 3/16" high to support relatively soft wood surfaces and hard corrugated surfaces). That radical lowering reduces the tip resonance amplitudes by a factor of 420! Listening confirms the very audible improvements. Blacker backgrounds improve ambience and sustain. Transients, especially bass transients, are cleaner and more powerful. Treble and midrange are sweeter and less smeared, yielding more beautiful harmonic detail.

Triplepoint Heavyfeet and Megafeet

Triplepoint Heavyfeet are our best sounding 2" footers for gear a wood bottom or a metal bottom with too many irregularities for Micropoints to work. Three times as massive, 3" Triplepoint Megafeet are our very best footers for these situations—particularly recommended for large floor standing speakers on air-dried Plinths and under power amps as part of our Vibration Control System. Use Low Triplepoint Heavyfeet and Low Triplepoint Megafeet where vertical clearance is limited,

Triplepoints can also be custom-ordered for special situations:

• Thick Carpet Triplepoints and Thin Carpet Triplepoints for mounting floor standing speakers directly on rugs or carpet. But before taking this approach, be sure to read about Maple Speaker Plinths.

• Radiused Triplepoints to avoid scratching expensive furniture and floors.

These options offer slightly diminished performance, so use our standard Micropoints, Triplepoints or MegaMounts whenever possible. Please call (410)685-4618 to order. Any of these footers can be ordered as sets of three or individually.

Hemispherical Triplepoints and MegaMounts

Hemispherical Triplepoints and Megamounts use 3/16” high rounded points instead of sharp ones to eliminate minor scratches on the underside of demo and collectable gear.

Sharp points sound best, these rounded options offer slightly diminished performance. So use our standard Micropoints, Triplepoints or MegaMounts whenever possible. Please call (410)685-4618 to order. Any of these footers can be ordered as sets of three or individually.

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Low Micropoint Heavyfeet

1-1/2" tall, 2" diameter

Micropoint Heavyfeet

2" tall, 2" diameter

Low Micropoint Megafeet

2" tall, 3" diameter

Micropoint Megafeet

3" tall, 3" diameter

Triplepoint Heavyfeet

2-1/4" tall, 2" diameter

Low Triplepoint Megafeet

2-1/4" tall, 3" diameter

Triplepoint Megafeet

3-1/4" tall, 3" diameter