Customer Testimonials


Mapleshade designed this stand through email on pure measurements that I took of my Legacy Marquis center channel speaker. I did have some apprehension of course as the Marquis speaker is a massive speaker measuring 38 x 14 x 13 and weighing 80lbs. I was wondering if it would be too big, or too heavy for the stand.  But when the stand arrived and was set up the speaker fit like a glove when it was placed on it. It looked as if the speaker and the stand were designed together, the fit was that natural. This stand is 4 inches of maple and did not give any indication the speaker was even on it. Speaker and stand together are a solid mass of 160 concentrated pounds! When I positioned the stand I stood on it in my socked feet so I could spike it into the carpet with my weight. It was at that time that I realized what I had purchased. It was so solid under my feet that I realized a whole football team could have jumped up and down on it with no effect.

This kind of workmanship is old school, this is like ancient mason work, Egyptian neolithic monument building quality that is meant to last generations. The brass work is as clean and as solid as it gets. The brass feet threaded into the fitted base screws like they were well oiled and the two support cones for the front, very heavy and impressive in their own right, gave the heavy Marquis speaker effortless support. I was able to slide the supports forward or back under the speaker and tune the angle of upward tilt until I got the perfect imaging.

The result on the sound was obvious - much faster and more deeply extended bass, this caught me off guard on some songs, the bass was explosive, and the real surprise was the enhanced clarity and focus of the midrange. Now the soundstage floats like a ghostly high resolution image about 4 to 5 feet above the speaker.

I don’t think I have been as satisfied with a product since I bought the Marquis center channel itself. Stand and speaker are now married. I can’t imagine the speaker on any other stand.

If you want the best in speaker stands, racks and brass work then Mapleshade is really your only choice. Highly recommended. - Steven Norquist

In this audiophile game, implementation is so very imperative no matter how much money you throw at your system, and in my experience Mapleshade allows you to do this in the most simple yet elegant and effective way I've seen. I've been a solid fan of Mapleshade products for almost two years now. Recently, I was forced to "downgrade" my rather modest system and liquidate everything... except for my Mapleshade gear. I now have their speaker cables custom hard-wired into my drivers, and my components make full use of the maple platform/triplepoint/isoblock/heavweight ideology to wonderful effect. Pierre's items really allow componentry to produce all the music they ever could. More recently I placed my Omega Super 3's on a pair of carpet piercing Maple Bedrocks, and it's almost frightening how good they now sound. The expansion of soundstage (in all three dimesions) and increase in trans-bandwidth transparency is near dumbfounding. Vocals oftentimes sound better than live. Just for kicks, they're also the most svelte looking out there, in my opinion. Add to that Pierre's vast knowledge base and experience, mix in his willingness to share and help, and you've got a bona fide, life-time customer. - Jason

I have a horrible listening room where the only possible speaker position puts the listener in a bass null, causing everything to sound shrill, forward and bass-shy. I'm using the Paradigm Studio 20's which are one of the best bookshelf systems on the market and I've gotten them to sound barely acceptable on a pair of 24" Sanus stands with floor spikes and small spikes under the speakers themselves. If I move in close to the speakers they're sort of cool. In desperation I order a pair of Bedrocks and I am flabbergasted! The bass is huge - to the point where I had to decrease it a notch on most recordings, and the midrange and treble are now much smoother as well. It is an absolutely incredible difference, even greater than adding a sub, which would not improve the harsh treble the way the Bedrocks do. If you own a pair of small speakers you MUST try the Bedrocks. The difference is astounding. - Marc Andes

I'm writing this just to tell you how delighted I am with the products I have purchased from you. I've known about the benefits of cones and vibe killers for years so I first supplemented what I already had. The Double Helix Digital Plus interconnect and Golden Helix speaker cable were next. Fabulous upgrades for a very modest sum. I had a Zerostat many years ago, bought your Ionoclast and it's a bargain for the improvement it makes. Better construction, better zapper. But the real eye(ear) openers were the Maple Bedrock speaker stands. The improvement is so dramatic that listening to CD's is like hearing them for the first time. Upper bass and lower mid-range appear where they were once virtually absent. I'm hearing instruments I didn't even know were there. Soundstage, spaciality, air, etc. all vastly improved. In two words......"goosebump city". I look forward to further Mapleshade upgrades in the future. - Jonathan Sanders

I have experienced it! "Mapleshade Culture Shock"...

I am a Mapleshade music customer and have been for a good number of years. I have not purchased your audio refinement products in the past.

I wanted to improve my second system and turned to Mapleshade on a whim. The first purchase was your Helix speaker cables. Although I was skeptical at first, once I connected them the sound was WOW. This week I received my shipment of bedrock speaker stands and your "funky jumpers". I read about the stands and talked to you twice before I ordered. The addition of the stands and jumpers has redifined anything I thought I knew from 30 years in this hobby. I have a totally new sound from my existing equipment, it's Wonderful!!!

The products and advice from you and your company receive a standing ovation in my book. Thanks again, David Bascom, North Carolina