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Vibration Control System Kits

"I am literally STUPEFIED by the increase in information, focus, richness, bass extension and more. Listening to records I know well (some I use regularly to evaluate changes I've made to my system) has amounted to an experience much like hearing these records newly remixed. This kit somehow presents the music as more energetic alive yet also more relaxed natural." - Dave, NY

There are myriad set-up and budget considerations that determine how best to utilize our Vibration Control Systems in your system. To simplify this process, we offer several different preconfigured VCS Kits below intended as "drop-in" solutions that will suit many customers needs—and are an excellent way to evaluate the benefit of our approach firsthand under your amp or favorite source component. You'll get the same-or-better results choosing our VCS components (brass footers, maple platforms, Speaker Plinths, etc.) a la carte tailored to your system needs. This mix-and-match approach opens up a much broader range of size, finish, and performance options.

Finished 19 x 16 x 4 VCS Kit

With Micropoint Heavyfeet

Radiused 21 x 19 x 4 VCS Kit

With selectable brass footer options

Finished 24 x 18 x 4 VCS

With Micropoint Heavyfeet